Sunday, April 06, 2008

Winter Conversation

She laughed and said I should be happy:
Here was a full moon and snow to call my own,
like discounts at Subway and beating rush hour.

I replied I missed sending him songs
on Gmail, that silence is cold fog
that even seagulls huddle together in.

She said I couldn't scare her, that fog
can be beautiful for things like magic frogs
and crickets singing to find their way home.

She said the trees would shine like
Swarovski tonight, that the moon would
make the white, whiter.

Baked red sands where she lived
turned the sound of my winter
into the yearning of her heart.

The full moon cannot find my heart,
hidden under this heavy coat
the snow has draped over my shoulders.


Jugal said...

Niiice... I love this one. Like you were writing a conversation with the material girl, straight from the song.

The heart of the poem covered in the centre by cold on both sides.

And just to let you know, the word verification just told me a funky new word: kzziglzu - I never notice what they sound like but this one's just too special to be ignored!

junoesque said...

only you, angel , can mingle the everyday and the exquisite in to something indescribable..

loved the swarovski trees and the moon making white whiter..

a tear in tribute..

love. lots.