Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Her Gripe

And it was as simple for you,
as placing your lips further down the rim
and sipping with your eyes closed,
while discussing the future of Parma
and the effects of war on network tv.

you murmured out your secret easy,
like a malyalee smiles a request for tea.
It is that simple for you, as simple as taking off your
shoes, giving the girl a nickname for tonight,
or getting drunk on Old Monk at 4:30am.

Do not fool yourself, dearest, by thinking
I grip this knife harder only to make sure
the onions are sliced fine. No, do not fool yourself.
Wars have been fought and children sold
because of words spoken while swimming in rum.

Imagine the terror unleashed then,
by this woman you just declared long-hid passions to!
There's a knife at your throat for only one reason:
no woman wants to know she was put away for a rainy day
Keep your mouth shut, your bottle corked, or just-- keep away!


The Solitary Reaper said...

good one!
but liked message in a bottle more,perhaps the Saarang episode touched a string..